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Divorce in Nebraska: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect Addicus Publishing, 2013

Co-written by partners, Angela Dunne and Susan Ann Koenig as a follow-up to the first edition published in 2005. 

pdf Cesar v. Alicia & Its Progeny - The Nebraska Lawyer, July/August 2012
"Major Changes to Nebraska Paternity Law: Consequences: Intended and Otherwise"
Philip shares his form for setting aside legal determination of paternity
Philip shares his form for establishing custody and related issues

book_1.jpgDivorce in Nebraska - Addicus Publishing, 2005
A book of "Understandable Answers to your Legal Questions" written by the firm's founder, Susan Ann Koenig. 
pdf The Price of Perfectionism  Nebraska Lawyer, November/December 2010
Susan Ann Koenig shares her insights regarding the pitfalls of basing goals off of unobtainable results.
pdf Should I Settle, Or Should I Go To Trial? Nebraska Lawyer, June 2009
Angela Dunne shares some helpful hints and expertise regarding settlement negotiations in family law.
pdf Clients As Teachers - ABA Journal, May 2005
"...when I am willing to learn the lessons my clients teach me, I am truly blessed." - Susan Ann Koenig
pdf Living In Integrity To Stay In Balance - Women Lawyers Journal, Spring '03
"Our standards of integrity are the qualities that we hold in the highest regard."
 pdf Balancing Relationships - Women Lawyers Journal, Fall 2002
"Even though our lives are full and rich with our careers, communities, families and interests; we often ask ourselves whether we are giving enough time to the important relationships in our lives." - Susan Ann Koenig
pdf Help Letting In Support - Women Lawyers Journal, Fall 2002
"Taking a look at our willingness to let in help can give us great insight into how we have been making our lives so much harder than they need to be."
htm Advocacy for Nebraska Children - Creighton Law Review - 2002
Susan Ann Koenig and Angela Dunne publish an article in the Creighton Law Review, advocating for Nebraska Children with Gay and Lesbian parents, calling for the best interests of the child to be paramount in the case of non-biological, non-adoptive parents.
pdf Reaping the Reward of the Mentoring Experience - The Nebraska Lawyer - May 1999
Susan Ann Koenig share her experience as a mentor, as her student shares her experience under Susan's guidance.
pdf Fulfilling Our Ethical Duties - The Nebraska Lawyer - March 1999
Susan Ann Koenig shares her wisdom and expertise to other lawyers, in regards to considerations in meeting the needs of gay and lesbian clients.
pdf Top 10 Reasons - The Nebraska Lawyer - May 1998
Susan Ann Koenig shares reasons why, even in a result of failure, effort is worth the effort.
Susan Ann Koenig shares her experience, advice, and some helpful tools to those advocating for Domestic Violence victems.
"In my experience, anger often is a cover for feeling really hurt." - Susan Ann Koenig.  Susan Ann Koenig shares her expertise as both a Divorce Attorney and a Life Coach.
pdf Getting Focused To Get Clear - Women Lawyers Journal, Vol. 87 No.2
"So often in life when we are not getting what we want or accomplishing what we set out to do, we discover it is because we are not clear."
pdf If Men Were The Subject - Omaha World Herald
Susan Ann Koenig responds to an earlier column entitled "Nation's Militant Feminists Are in Full Cry."
pdf Now Benefits Men and Women - Omaha World Herald
Susan Ann Koenig responds to a column written by a women, attacking the National Organization for Women.
pdf Spirituality And The Law - The Nebraska Lawyer - July 2001
"The concept of spirituality and the law holds promise for a new way of living and working as lawyers that has the potential to transform our entire profession and all whome we serve.  It holds the possibility of restoring passion and purpose to the practice of law."  - Susan Ann Koenig writes about finding more to the practice of law than the outcome of a trial and its paycheck.
pdf Striking A Fine Balance - Women Lawyers Journal
Susan Ann Koenig believes "it is far better to teach by being living examples than being walking books of wisdom."
pdf This Add Is Overruled - Omaha World Herald
Susan Ann Koenig congratulates both the community at large and the law community for taking a stand against an insensitive divorce ad campeign.
pdf Treat Domestic Violence As The Crime It Is - Omaha World Herald
"Children witness it and suffer.  Employers bear economic losses because of it.  Women die from it."  Susan Ann Koenig shares her thoughts on Domestic Violence in this editorial piece.
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